Auditing Internal Links to Improve Your Chances to Rank Higher

Linking within your own website is one factor Google and other search engines take into consideration. Linking is an important aspect of creating a logical site architecture for search engines. Having a strong internal linking structure contributes to a better SEO profile as well as a better user experience for both visitors and search engines on your website.

It is important to examine the distribution of links on the website to ensure that the most important pages are linked and accessible. Search engine visibility and rankings can be improved through internal link auditing.

The following are some more reasons why internal links are important for website performance.

  • Navigation is improved
  • Content hierarchy is created.
  • The link juice is spreading.
  • Increase the number of page views.

The majority of SEOs have become so preoccupied with building backlink profiles that they have forgotten to improve internal linking. However, creating a strong internal linking strategy can improve the overall performance of a website.

Your strategy can be modified and refined over time as you decide upon keywords, target pages, and link pages.

The pages to which you send energy are up to you
Consider the case of an article you write about your industry. As a result of good distribution, this article receives a few backlinks and ensures a steady flow of visitors for a few weeks.

It will, however, become outdated after a while, just like any news article

Internal linking will serve the purpose of transferring the SEO energy accumulated on this article to one or more pages or articles that will be more newsworthy, and therefore able to satisfy the requests of internet surfers.

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