How to Hire and Manage Digital Marketing Freelancers

If you have a growing company, it might be time to hire a freelancer to expand your business even more. But, where do you find a digital marketing freelancer to hire? And once you have hired the perfect candidate, how do you go about managing them?

The first step is to find someone who will fit your brand’s image and provide top-notch informative content. These tips will help.

Set Your Goal and Expectations 

Before you even begin looking for someone to join your team, you need to set realistic goals on what you want to achieve. These goals will determine the type of writer you hire and identify potential hurdles. 

Ask yourself these key questions:

  • What type of content will you create?
  • How often will the content be required? Once a day, week, month or other expectations?
  • How often will the freelancer be paid?
  • How will work be distributed and due dates managed?

Once you have answered these questions, you can start looking for the talent you require.

Where Do I Look for A Freelancer? 

There are hundreds of freelancing platforms available online, where digital marketing freelancers upload their portfolios of work. You can then select a writer based on their content. Another great option is using an agency to find the perfect person on your behalf. 

If you prefer the hands-on approach, consider asking friends and family members if they know of anyone that would be interested. Post adverts on Facebook for journalism or English major students that need to complete their practical hours or college students that want to earn additional income. Digital Marketing experts are also looking for clients on a continual basis, so just make sure you share posts on groups they frequent.

Prepare a Test 

Once you have several candidates applying, it’s time to thin out the pool. This can be done by asking them each to write a piece on the topic of your choice. Once the piece is submitted, look for ways to eliminate the less deserving candidates.

Pay close attention to spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as the overall tone of the article or advert they send. Did you enjoy reading the article? Was it fun and engaging or simply a list of facts? Once you have narrowed it down, invite the top five candidates to do an interview.

The Interview

Most digital marketing freelancers work from home, so the interview usually takes place over Skype. Each candidate will try to make the best first impression, so it’s important that you dig a little deeper to find out what they bring to the table. 

Once you have decided, welcome the new hire to the team.

The Management Process

Now that you have a team, it’s important that they know what is expected of them. Communication is the key factor. Starting out, the writer may have many questions to make sure they are giving you exactly what you expect of them. 

Sending e-mails, sharing text messages or communicating through Skype is essential to keep your writers and marketers on track and communicate new assignments as well as deadlines and required edits. You should provide constant feedback and let them know where they need to improve and what you are happy with. 

Final Thoughts 

The bigger your business gets, the more people you will need to add to your team. It might be a scary step to add someone to your team, but if you follow these tips, they can help you grow your business and add value to your enterprise. 

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