Content Creation

Content Writing Services in Cape Town

SEO content writing services in Cape Town, we understand that creating effective content is much more than just placing keywords on a web page, it has a lot more to do with creating relevant content that will rank in search results.

Creating Content for Both Users & Search Engines

The way that users search the internet has changed over the last few years. We see more specific and longer phrases in search.

To remain relevant and meet user intent, content writers need to be mindful and get the basics right to embrace the massive shift that the SEO industry is taking.

There’s an additional quality factor of useful content that the SEO community slowly retrieves. It is the three keyword types listed below.

Keyword Types

  • The base keyword also known as the focus keyword is meant to attract the ideal target audience and to give landing pages a theme.
  • The semantic keywords are meant to attract more users who are searching for your business offering through similar or related keywords.
  • Then the thematic keywords are meant to attract users who are searching for business offerings through long-tail conversational which are specific to their needs.

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